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Chevrolet transmissions Specialist

Servicing Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

Chevrolet transmissions, especially automatic transmissions, have common symptoms that tell you that your transmission is in need of a repair, or at least a diagnostic by a trained mechanic. The most common are a delayed shifting from second to third gear or from park to first gear, or transmission slippage between gears. While wear and tear can cause transmission problems, they can also be caused by the computer system of the automatic transmission. If your engine lights up on your dashboard that means that an error occurred. When you take your car to a mechanic they will attach a computer into the car's system, duplicate the failure and get an error code that will tell them just what happened. When your car does need a repair you should consider an established transmission repair shop with a reputation for honesty.

Since 1955 Reliable Transmissions has been servicing and re-building Chevrolet transmissions. For over 55 years our mechanics have fixed and repaired GM tranmissions for every Chevrolet car, truck and van put on the market. We stand behind our work with a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty. For automatic transmissions, we are members of ATRE, which means if your Chevy automatic transmission breaks down during our warranty other ATRE members nationwide will fix it free of charge.

Reliable has a long history of fixing Chevy cars like the Camero, Tahoe, Malibu. If you car is having transmission problems you should fix them quickly before transmission parts fail which can lead to burning out the transmission. Once you contact us, we have a free consultation to discuss with your car's transmission system. We will go over any problems you have noticed such as leaking fluids or shifting problems.

Once we determine that you really do need a transmission repair we will do a free examination and estimate. You can drive your car to one of our two locations or, if needed, we can provide a free tow into our shop. Our technicians will use state of the art computer software to diagnose your Chevrolet transmission system and will examine your transmission system. Our technicians and mechanics have a long experience with Chevrolet cars, trucks and vans. We regularly diagnose and rebuild Chevy transmissions.

When you bring your Chevy car or truck to Reliable you can have confidence that we will only use high quality OEM parts for rebuilt Chevy transmissions and will back up our work with a year warranty and with the option to extend it up to two or three years.. We can service and rebuild both manual and automatic transmissions.